Employee Spotlight: Lynne Simmons

Lynne Simmons has served AMT as an administrative assistant for 3 years and deals with clients such as Nakanishi (her favorite project due to the variety of work), Hyatt Place, and many others. Before working at AMT Lynne worked at ARMC, Louisiana-Pacific Corp. and then finally General Time in Athens in the design department assisting them in designing clocks and cholesterol monitoring devices.

I interviewed Lynne and found a history-loving lady who would love to travel more. Lynne’s favorite travel spot which she has yet to visit is New Zealand. If she could be anyone from any time period she would be Kenneth O’Donnell, the personal secretary of JFK and specifically during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. If she could visit any event in history it would be D-Day. Her love of history began with her father telling history stories to her and the kids including those of contracting Agent Orange in the Vietnam War.

She has lived in Germany, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri and Arizona. Her first concert was Rod Stewart and if she won the lottery she would first purchase a Toyota Rav4. If she had to eat one meal everyday for the rest of her life it would be fried calamari. If her house was burning she would retrieve her photobox container which has many photos of her hometown of Dahlonega, her sister, 2 brothers, her mom who is originally from Stuttgart, Germany, her late father who died during the Vietnam War, her two sons, late husband and many other important cherished memories.

Lynne has always wanted to skydive but the risky jump has eluded her and she has remained happy trying new foods and dishes as one of her favorite past times is to cook and bake.

Her hopes for this industry is to see it grow and especially she would love for our company to grow along with it.