Hiring Environmental Engineer

Position: Environmental Engineer

Position Duties:

-Design wastewater pretreatment facilities.

-Sampling and coordinating analysis of water and wastewater flow.

-Develop reports analysis of wastewater flow.

-Collaborate with environmental scientists, planners and other engineers to provide onsite stormwater

investigation including industrial wastewater sampling.

-Site review, deed research and report development for Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments per ASTM 1527-13.

-Coordinate and manage industrial pretreatment plant implementation.

-Advise clients and company of environmental issues and compliance.

Salary: $45,136/year

Educational Requirements: Master’s degree in environmental engineering

Experience Requirements: At least 12 months experience as a research assistant or related position

Special Requirements: The following Master’s level courses: (1) course covering water and wastewater treatment, (2) course covering environmental regulations, and (3) course covering surfacewater flow and transport. At least 1 year of research related experience in water treatment, water remediation system design or wastewater design. Possession of Engineer in Training License. *Research related experience mentioned above may be gained before, during or after earning advanced degree.

Location of Employment: Armentrout Matheny Thurmond P.C. 330 Research Drive, Suite A240, Athens, GA 30605

Email resumes and job history to Armentrout Matheny Thurmond P.C. at rhudson@amtathens.com