Position open: Environmental Engineer

Position Duties:

-Design wastewater pretreatment facilities.

-Sampling and coordinating analysis of water and wastewater flow.

-Develop reports analysis of wastewater flow.

-Collaborate with environmental scientists, planners and other engineers to provide onsite stormwater investigation including industrial wastewater sampling.

-Site review, deed research and report development for Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments per ASTM 1527-13.

-Coordinate and manage industrial pretreatment plant implementation.

-Advise clients and company of environmental issues and compliance.

Salary: $46,904.00 per year

Educational Requirements: Master’s degree in environmental engineering and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, chemical engineering or water/wastewater engineering

Experience Requirements: At least 12 months experience as a research assistant or related position

Special Requirements: The following Master’s level coursework: (1) at least two courses covering AutoCad design, (2) course covering Water and wastewater and EPA protocols, (3) course covering EPA regulations in drinking and wastewater, and (4) course covering Drainage Design. At least 1 year of research related experience in water treatment, water remediation system design or wastewater design. Possession of Engineer in Training License. *Research related experience mentioned above may be gained before, during or after earning advanced degree.

Location of Employment: Armentrout Matheny Thurmond P.C. 330 Research Drive, Suite A240, Athens, GA 30605

Email resumes and job history to Armentrout Matheny Thurmond P.C. at rhudson@amtathens.com