Employee Spotlight: Daniel Smith, P.E.

We congratulate Daniel Smith as he has passed his exams and now is a full fledged Professional Engineer!

Graduating from our hometown University of Georgia in 2012, he majored in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Systems engineering. His favorite types of projects to work on are industrial projects and large-scale commercial- the more challenging and larger the better. Although he enjoys the design aspect of the job, the “during construction” duties of projects are more fun because he can see a plan come to life.

Daniel would love to travel more, especially to return to New Zealand where he studied abroad. Like his adventurer grandfather, Daniel has been spelunking in Tennessee where his grandfather would help a friend map out cave systems.

Many years since his childhood days when he wanted to be a marine biologist, he hopes today that the engineering industry would develop steadily with continuous growth including in new technologies. His favorite childhood memory was the yearly family beach trip to the same house year after year (actually his family has been going for 30 years).

His interests lie beyond just engineering witnessed by his most recent read, Welcome to the Universe, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. He also has an interest in history particularly World War II due to his grandfather participating in D-Day and another grandfather who worked for the Corps of Engineers and built bridges to enable attacks afterwards.

In five years, Daniel hopes to have his Structural Engineering license (SE). His future dream project would be to help design a new stadium- maybe the Falcons could use his expertise.